Want To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Go Get Him

If you have just broken up with a boyfriend of many years and you still love him then the chances are that you will be asking people “how to get your ex boyfriend back”. No matter what caused the breakup, if you genuinely love him and think you will be much happier with him then you deserve every chance of trying to get him back, unless of course he has moves on to a new relationship. There are a few things you can try and then judge from your ex boyfriend’s reaction if he still loves you and wants you back.

• Bump into him at common places- you should try and bump into him at the super market, gym, park or any other place which both you used to visit. If he cringes when he sees you or seems very uncomfortable then it goes to show he might not have a soft corner for you anymore. On the other hand if he seems taken by surprise but is polite and genuinely happy to see you then you have scored your first points on the “how to get your ex boyfriend back” agenda.

• Ask him for help- this comes easy when you have been friends with your ex for long. If you have always needed his help in doing something and have always asked him for his help then you should try and do so even after the break up. If he says yes to help you then you can guess he still has feelings for you and you know how to win your ex back with ease. If he refuses diplomatically then you should get the message that he is no longer interested in you.

• Observe him- if your ex boyfriend does something which you introduced him to even now r if he refrains from a bad habit like smoking just because you were uncomfortable even after the breakup, then it is a very big positive sign.

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