How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Many women want to know “how to get your ex boyfriend back” and sometimes they get very anxious about the whole. Whoever initiated the breakup but if as a woman you know you still love your ex boyfriend and are extremely unhappy without him then you should strive and get him back. There are some things which you might have to be careful about in this “plan” to get your ex back and that is hurting his feelings or the feelings of someone else if he has already moved on.

If you are positive that he is not in any new relationship, then just asking everyone around “how to get your ex boyfriend back” is not going to help. You need to devise a plan, a plan which is put together strategically to make him want to be with you. If you and your ex had been friends before being romantically inclined with each other, then being friends even now could be possible. Sometimes women call up their ex boyfriends on the “just friends” pretext and the man starts depending on them only for friendship. If your ex looks at you only as a friend and he wants your company like he wants the company of anyone of his buddies, then he will never be romantically interested in you again.

If you want to learn “how to win your ex back” then you will have to learn to stop associating yourself with him. This might be difficult in the beginning but once you understand that your ex needs time to miss you and to realize he still loves you, distancing yourself from him will not seem so difficult anymore. It might take a few weeks but when your ex starts missing you and if he still sees hope for a relationship then he will want you and he will definitely get in touch with you.