Disadvantage Of Getting Your Ex Back

In the race of getting to know on how to get your ex boyfriend back we exorcize so many ways or can say how we show or pretend to the other person that he is not required at all. We are so keen on making all the possible attempts to know how to get your ex boyfriend back. We try to show them that how happy we are without them. Actually we are not; we make him feel jealous by getting closer to his friends, we always look for the best that we want, if he calls we say that we are busy and then do not call him back, we do the opposite of what he likes. This are so many things that we do to get our ex boyfriends back.

As you that excess of everything is bad, similarly in the run to know how to win your ex back we forget that there can be some disadvantage too like when we get our ex back we are happy but about the hurt feelings, are we out of those feelings properly because if we are not out of those hurt feelings we can never move forward. Another major disadvantage can be that the when the person get its ex boyfriend back he might not behave in the same manner as he used to behave , it is because people change with time and you will not be able to take that at all. Also it is possible if we go by a guys attitude means as we know that how boys are they will trust a girl soon but might not believe or take her if she had a relationship with some other guy. So getting to know how to get ones ex back is always not fruitful.

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