Change For The Best

The apartment is empty and you do not hear the sounds of feet thumping, but on the contrary you will hear the sound of a pin drop. This is so because the home is quite, lonely and sad from the shock that you and your boyfriend have just split due to some misunderstanding. You are sitting on the couch with a pillow between your legs wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back You still can’t get over as to what went wrong and how this situation which was so small got blown out of proportion. Just a few days back you and him were sitting on the same couch discussing of when you’ll would be able to tie the knot and today you are alone with a thought in mind of how to win your ex back. He left because you were pressuring him to have a family and he was not ready to have one now as he was not stable enough to support one at the present.

How to get your ex boyfriend back for you will not be such a hectic task as the core reason of him walking out was that he was not capable of being responsible for another life coming into this world at this stage. Presently you should grant his wishes and give him time to digest the situation whilst at the same time you should try and control your feelings of having a family in the immediate future. Take the time to get personal consoling and advice from friends, try and imagine the difficulties that would arise if you and your boyfriend were not in a position of bring up the child mentally and financially. And finally wait for him to come back and see that there is a change in your attitude.

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