Assumptions Can Lead Your Boyfriend To Move Away

Today it is the normal trend for couples who fall in love with each other to share apartments and live together before getting married. This trend is growing popularity with the modern generation that at the same time is too engrossed in the work trying to earn a living. Some of these couples work in different timings and do not get the chance to meet each other except during weekends and holidays. Just last week I saw a young female reading a book called “How to get your ex boyfriend back” and out of curiosity I asked her what interested her to read the book. She smiled and immediately closed the book and looked the other way. So like a normal gentleman I did not go further with my conversation which I assumed she found interesting because a while later she looked at me and said that she was having problems with her boyfriend.

Manipulating on how to get your ex boyfriend back was not the solution I explained to her, she had to find out what exactly was the core of the problem and then she had to work her way in solving the problem with her boyfriend. Everyone assumes that in considering how to win your ex back, answers fill fall from the sky. Yes you will get some basic ideas, but solving the problem lies in the beholder. She told me that she felt that her boyfriend had found someone else and was not showing much attention to her. I asked her if she had spoken to him about this, to which she replied that she could not speak to him as she felt he would get angry with her for misunderstanding the situation. So I smiled and walked away requesting her to please speak to him.

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